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PUMPEX is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of submersible dewatering pumps.

DEDICATED DEWATERING PUMPEX is a complete equipment supplier for professional dewatering applications. Their pumps combine high reliability with excellent serviceability, which results in unrivalled operating economy.
Construction and mining applications, as well as industrial, municipal and agricultural needs, have influenced PUMPEX Swedish engineers in the development, design and production of PUMPEX professional dewatering pumps. Maintained efficiency is a key factor to operating economy, which is why PUMPEX pumps use high-efficiency motors and hydraulics.

Pumpex submersible drainage pumps are suitable for pumping water and dirty water mixed with soil. When delivered to a site you can start using them right away. The low weight and compact design vouches for convenient transport, handling and installation

Pumpex submersible sludge pump are excellent for pumping sludge and water mixed with solid. They have a slim design and low weight, which makes them easy to move and easy to handle. Once a sludge pump is installed it can run without risk of overheating the motor or sludge clogging.

Dewatering and Submersible pump (50Hz)

Dewatering and Submersible pump (60Hz)